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Applying To College
Shouldn't Be Stressful

With my help you will learn how to stay organized and focused, so you can succeed.

School Achievement

How to plan the coursework that will fit your individual interests and abilities.

Standardized Testing

How to plan and decide the best path for testing on PSAT, SAT, ACT to achieve the best scores.

Application Process

Where and how to fulfill each piece of the admissions process with step by step requirements.


How to build a strong and powerful resume that will help your personality stand out.

Volunteer Opportunities

How to plan and secure volunteer opportunities in your school and community to build your admission profile.

Financial Aid

Learn about all the different possibilities for Financial Aid.


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Rosita was amazing in helping both me and my family understand the process of applying to  colleges and she guided me through not only the application process, letting me know when to apply for the best results, but also which classes I should take my senior year to have college credits ready so I could focus on my major. Her help in finding scholarships and building up my resume was what puts her a step above in my opinion.  Rosita’s help was crucial and irreplaceable to my college journey and I couldn't have done it without her.


I do not have enough words to thank and describe all the good about Rosita's work as a college counselor for my kids.
Rosita's guidance and support have been invaluable throughout his academic journey. Especially coming from a different country.
From selecting the right courses to assisting with scholarship applications, Rosita has consistently gone above and beyond expectations.

Her expertise and dedication have not only eased the stressful college application process but also helped my kids make informed decisions about their future. She has been accessible, responsive, and always willing to address our concerns.

For all this and more 

Gilbert Deleaud

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