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Christian D. Larson

 “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” 

About our founder


​Rosita Beer is the founder of College in Action, a company based in Hollywood, Florida. She works as a private college counselor guiding high school students through all stages of the college search and admissions process. Rosita holds a Certificate with Distinction in College Counseling from UCLA. She completed her college counseling internship at Ben Gamla Preparatory Academy in Hollywood, Florida.

Before becoming a College Counselor Rosita worked as a center director at College Experts, where she was responsible for organizing SAT and ACT preparatory classes, schedules, and personally assisting each student with their college admission process. Rosita was born and raised in Caracas - Venezuela, where she earned an Associate in Science in Special Education at The Instituto Universitario Avepane and a Bachelor of Science in Special Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities at Jose Maria Vargas University. She has a passion for helping students reach their goals, guiding them through all the different grades of education from middle school to college.

Rosita maintains a small client base in order to ensure optimal personalized attention and need to the students and their families.

In order to stay current in the ever-changing world of college admissions, Rosita consults and establishes contact with different college admissions representatives each fall, participates in numerous college counselor workshops, conferences and webinars, and visits college campuses each year to gain firsthand knowledge. Rosita is also an Associate member of IECA.

Student Success

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