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College in Action Mission

Is to empower students to reach their highest potential and find the college that best aligns with their aspirations, interests, and strengths. I believe that every student is unique, and I take a personalized approach to creating a customized college roadmap for each individual. I work closely with the student to identify their passions, academic achievements, extracurricular involvements, and personal goals to help them craft compelling college applications.


College Planning

and Guidance:

Assisting students in creating a comprehensive college list, considering factors such as academic fit, location, campus culture, and career opportunities. I also provide guidance on standardized testing strategies, course selection, and extracurricular involvement to enhance their profile.

Application Assistance:

Provide guidance on all aspects of the college application process. From brainstorming and enhancing personal statements to ........ supplemental essays, I will ensure that the student will have a unique story and achievements shine through their applications.

Financial Aid

and Scholarships:

I understand that financing a college education can be a significant concern. I will provide information and support on navigating the financial aid process, including scholarships, grants, and loans, to make higher education more affordable for your family.

Decision making Support:

Once admission offers are received, I will guide the student in making an informed decision by comparing financial aid packages, analyzing academic programs, and assessing the overall fit of each college option.

College Consulting Services

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